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 Raising Awareness in Your Daily Life

Opportunities & Options


Northern Virginia residents can help spread awareness about human trafficking as a way to create a more vigilant environment where trafficking crimes are harder to carry out.


Opportunities to offer all kinds of skills, expertise, talent and interest exist. Hours and commitments vary.


For just a few examples from among Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement, Victims' Services Providers, Community Awareness work, and Community Partners are: 

  1. Hosts for Presentations

  2. Pro Bono Legal Counsel

  3. Internships

  4. Fellowships

  5. Volunteers

  6. Social Media Amplifiers

  7. Task Force Researcher

  8. And So Many More.

Take the time to Get Informed, and then reach out to explore ways you or your organization can support the fight against human trafficking in Northern Virginia.

The Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Task Force website is for informational purposes only.  Information here is not and should not be considered comprehensive. This website has been designed to be a starting point for public inquiry and awareness. The Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Task Force adheres to a strict prohibition on making and/or commenting on public policy. The Task Force does not speak for or represent individual Members and/or Community Partners, whose missions, policies, etc. may be found through their organizations directly. The Task Force does not accept donations or raise funds. The Task Force is not a law enforcement agency. This website is not a venue for reporting crime except insofar as some links to law enforcement and hotlines may be useful. Links and contact information provided herein have been provided and are updated through best efforts of volunteers. If contact information is found to be outdated, current information on contact data may also be found via telephonic or online searches. Please report incidents or suspected incidents of human trafficking directly to local law enforcement. CALL 911 IF YOU OR ANYONE IS IN DANGER. Call the National Human Trafficking Hotline 1-888-373-7888 (TYY 711) or Text 233733 if you or someone you know may need a way out of sex trafficking, coerced labor or domestic servitude but don't know for sure what to do next. Are you having problems with the site or its links? Contact Webmaster here. powered by