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Professional Development


For those interested in gaining experience and expertise in a profession involved in fighting human trafficking, many Task Force Member organizations offer internships. Some are paid, others unpaid. There are a few with fellowship programs.


As a convenience, Member lists include information about these programs wherever they have been featured on websites. This list is not exhaustive, but it is a good start for anyone seeking to gain experience and expertise.


Volunteers are welcome. Their skills are needed. There are options for every kind of experience, background, interest, and schedule.



  • Summer Internships

  • Internships for Higher Ed/CE Credit

  • Paid Internships

  • Law Student Internships

  • Provider Services Internships

  • And More.


Our Task Force Member lists - and our Community Partner lists - note where internships or fellowships may be available.


These lists are not comprehensive but are a good starting point for anyone interested in donating time and talent.

Federal Law Enforcement

State Law Enforcement

Local Law Enforcement

Victims' Services Groups

Internships for this Task Force

The Task Force Coordinator is available to discuss independent studies for higher education credits on a case-by-case basis. If you are interested, please contact Teresa Hartnett.

Your Internship Program


If your organization (e.g., university) has an internship program and you are interested in exploring internship offerings to the full Task Force, please contact the Task Force Coordinator to explore ways to connect talent with need for the benefit of all. 

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